Ronen Chen is one of Israelís leading designers for womenís fashion, with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry in both retail and wholesale.

Ronen Chen was born in 1965 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

In 1986, after graduating from high school and completing military service in Israel, Ronen studied at the Shenkar College of engineering and design. His original thought was to study architecture, but he soon found that he loved the pace and aesthetics of fashion. By his third year in college, he was already creating his own ready-to-wear line at home, and selling his designs out of his Tel Aviv apartment during the weekends.

In 1990, right after graduating, Ronen was hired by Gideon Oberson where he worked as an assistant. His big break came in 1994 when a storefront opened up on Tel Avivís Shenkin Street, which was then beginning to turn into the local version of Greenwich Village. In the years that followed, Ronen developed a network of retail stores in Israel. Currently, Ronen Chen has 18 retail stores in Israel and 2 retail stores in London.

In 1995, Chen first exhibited his collection in London and was discovered by enthusiastic buyers and agents. Since then, he has continuously increased his international presence, with representation in showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Holland and Australia, where he sells to over 400 independent boutiques

In November 2012, Ronen Chen launched his e-commerce store in the US, finally making his entire collection available to his American customer base.

As Ronen Chen continues to expand his brand, he is also dreaming of opening concept stores in the USA. "Iím looking for the right partner," says Chen. "we would follow the concept we use here, which is creating intimate boutiques with a personal feel, and offering designs that are fashionable yet timeless, suited to real women's needs, and very well priced."

The Look

From the very start, Chen was interested in clean, simple lines in strong, monochromatic colors. It is an instinct and signature that has remained with Chen for the last twenty years. Ronen Chen proposes a stylish and minimalist label in monochromatic colors, inspired by his love for architecture. His clothing always falls marvelously on any type of silhouette. A true artist, he prefers to begin garment design by first draping fabrics on a mannequin and then to let himself be driven by the fabric, rather than to sketch the design on paper. The result is creations that mould easily to any shape. ďI take a piece of fabric and i start to drape it on the same mannequin that Iíve been using for the last 20 years,Ē he says, calling the mannequin his ďsecretĒ for its perfect proportions. ďItís clothing thatís understood and because itís draped, with very few seams, itís comfortable and thatís what my customers love.Ē

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