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Vince is the USA icono-classic contemporary designer clothing line of moderately priced garments with the concept of luxury basics, that are casual and made of high-end fabrics, but not prohibitively expensive, things that defy trends and time yet are instantly recognizable. As a design concept, Vince could be described as the fashion equivalent of comfort food. Dedicated to true basics, such as plain cotton tees, striped sailor tops and khaki shorts, Vince is the beloved staple of every fashion ed and model off-dutry from Dree Hemmingway to Kate Moss, it has established a huge celebrity following. The collection embodies downtown modern, sophisticated lifestyle with pieces, such as the on-trend shearling leather jackets and suede skinny leggings. And the collection still keeps its hard yet distinctly feminine edge.

The line makes everything from shorts and cords to dresses to pants and jackets, but they are probably best known for their luxurious knitwear and the label’s signature cashmere sweater has become an icon. It comes in 32 colors, its neckline forms a perfect V-shape, it zips up the front and has a hood, slanted pockets, and a slightly rolled hem.

The company is based in both Los Angelos and New York with the main offices in USA(the Vince's headquarter in New York and the other office on West coast), Canada (through SECE Apparel) and Japan (with Itochu Corporation). Vince is available at a large number of apparel retailer chains, its variable clothing lines are often carried at upscale department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Barneys, Fred Segal and Neiman Marcus. Beyond the USA also their collections are available to purchase in Australia, Beijing, Hong Kong, Korea and Russia.


Vince was started in 2001 by two of the founders, Christopher LaPolice and Rea Laccone, who had a retailing experience before, The Vince founders had started and sold off a successful label, Laundry, in the 1990's. According to cofounder's plan, the company was supposed to be the antithesis of a big fashion businessVince the label planned to grow to $12 million in annual sales; they were four times that size by 2006.

Instead of promoting a designer, the standard method of building a fashion brand over the last 30 years, Vince focused on the products, therefore it was decided to choose made-up name. However the label's naming is grounded in reality (the label's original designer was Cynthia Vincent), yet it was fresh and informal for that time. It also has an air of the ironic-Vince, the prototypical guy name, is actually a ladies' clothing line.

Next key to success was given by accurately found niche - Vince's original clothes were cashmere hoodies, pants made of luxury fabrics but cut in relaxed silhouettes, simple T-shirts that fit well — all items harder to find in department stores than a customer might guess. For example, Vince’s breakthrough design was a zip-front cashmere hoodie, which the company continues to sell for $240 in new colours each season. It was introduced at a time when European designer labels, responding to the declining value of the dollar, were raising prices for similar items above $1,000.

In 2006 the collection was sold in 400 stores around USA with annual sales of $50 million, more than four times its original plan. It was also introduced in Japan in a licensing agreement with the Itochu Corporation, the Japanese trading company, and also Vince started a men’s collection.

The Look

Vince is a casual wear line, known for their fashionable comfort tops made of cashmere, silk, and soft cotton. Their cashmere sweaters became the brand’s signature, also it’s renowned for their basics in t-shirts, shorts, tank tops and butter-soft leather jackets, that keep reinventing itself season after season so that customers cannot get enough of it. The brand caters to the woman who favors the luxury end of casual chic dressing. 

Who Wears It

Kate Hudson, Renee Zellweger, Madonna, Kristin Kreuk, Teri Hatcher, Kaley Cuoco, Rachel Bilson, Rose McGowan, Joanna Garcia, Jessica Simpson, Lori Loughlin, Mischa Barton, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss

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