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Among its most important characteristics are the structured pieces with an impeccable cut that have slowly evolved into the brand�s DNA. Along side Giuliana Romano�s accessories, such as belts, purses and shoes, this DNA becomes even more apparent. Behind the scenes of the brand, the same care that is given to the clothes is applied to the company�s management. Economist Fabiana Delfim, who has 12 years of expertise in the financial area, conducts the business with rigor and focus on results. Fruit of this union, for a little over two years, the brand has marked its territory with the security of the big labels and the care of the small ateliers. Aside from its store in Itaim, Giuliana Romana is present at Daslu and in a select group of department stores in important national cities thought the country.

The Look

Giuliana Romano constructs her creations with the care of the masters of tailoring with total attention to the finish and shape. The brand has as one of its main objectives to avoid the common places of woman�s fashion, proposing looks for a sophisticated, cosmopolitan and contemporary woman.

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