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Carlo and Roberta Freddi


Freddy is an Italian brand producind and distributing clothing and sport shoes, especially for fitness, dance and gym. It is produced by a company in Liguria led by Carlo and Roberta Freddi, from Chiavari, who have been joined by Luca Sordi, the general manager.

In 1993 the �y� of the brand name becomes the logo of the company.

Starting with Spring-Summer 2000, there are two lines: Music to Wear, streetwear geared to the music world, and Organi Geniali, which continues the tradition of clothing for sports activities.

Along the 90s and 2000, the brand becomes the official supplier and sponsor of major sprot associations: the Federation of Aerobics Italian and French, the Gymnastics Federation of Italy , the Italian Dance Sport Federation , the Academy of Ballet Theatre Scala , the ' National Academy of Dance and The Royal Ballet of London .

Freddy is bound to face as Yuri Chechi, Rossella Brescia, Mara Galeazzi, Federico Bonelli, Alessandro Grillo, Marta Romagna, Mick Zeni, Vanessa Ferrari, Little Phil.

In recent years, the brand has invested a great deal in communication and advertising through the media, especially television. The positive effects of these investments can be seen in the firm's constant economic growth. The turnover, 90% of which comes from Italy, was expected to be �37 million for 2003, an increase of 71% over the �21.7 million of 2002.

The distribution network has more than 1,500 points-of-sale. Freddy is currently presented in markets across Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, Israel and Russia. In addition to being present in thousands of outlets, Freddy has seven exclusive boutiques in Milan , London , Verona and Tokyo.

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