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Camomilla italia is a company that operates in the sector of women�s clothing and accessories.

It was set up to meet a market need which was grasped through awareness and experience gained through years of activity in the sector. The highly competitive franchising plan has ensured the company�s success.

The business initially focused just on women�s clothing but over the years it has evolved, giving rise to a line of accessories which has now become one of the main features of the Camomila italia range.

The company�s mission is to create value.


In 1974 the first Camomilla Italia stores begun to enjoy success in Campania. The elegance and strong stylistic identity of the collections immediately became distinctive features of the brand which rapidly manages to capture the interest of women.

In 1989 Camomilla has 50 stores in Italy.

The first great project, the Camomilla card, was launched. Therefore Camomilla Italia was one of the first companies to offer its customers a service which goes beyond the classic concept of the fidelity card.

The Camomilla card was originally considered an ultramodern project. It has now become a successful initiative which has become the company�s hallmark. An idea imported from the United States and reinterpreted by Camomilla Italia in Italian style.

1997 marked the turning point of Camomilla Italia when it entered the world of franchising. The positive market reaction, twenty years of experience gained in the field of women�s clothing and accessories and the need to respond to an increasingly widespread demand have led the company to choose a franchising formula for its retail network throughout Italy.

This was an important decision, taken with enthusiasm and followed with passion. Two factors which still distinguish the relationship with Camomilla Italia�s partners.

Italy was increasingly dotted with Camomilla Italia stores in 2006. The leopard spot symbol of Camomilla Italia, the distinctive mark of the brand, conquers the whole of Italy.

There are 100 stores throughout Italy, the layout design proves to be a winning formula while the elegance and clean lines of the fittings become recognizable features of the stores.

A quest for style, a high level of professionalism in sales and experience in the sector continue to be the guidelines of Camomilla Italia, which now has 180 stores. Camomilla Italia is a company inspired in every aspect by the needs of women.

The Look

The Camomilla italia style is simple and elegant. It can be defined as �casual yet chic�, designed for women who want to look great and who adore the latest trends.
The collections reproduce and follow the trends from Italian catwalks, reinterpreting them in witty and seductive ways and making them more accessible, while maintaining high quality levels both in terms of the style and the final product.
An extensive range and timeless garments are the key selling points of Camomilla italia fashion. Its women�s outerwear and suits are the �must haves� of every collection, completed by a line of accessories which accompany the clothes, alluding to the style and exalting its details.

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