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Established in 2017, ANTI management approaches the modeling business with a creative mindset. It is not only a new agency but a new way of managing, in which our clients are first and foremost, are models. The time is right for an agency to emerge that embraces the freedom of opportunity that a constantly evolving industry provides. New York is ready for an agency that dares to champion diversity, integrity and the steadfast ideals which generate hype, but that also faithfully maintain the foresight and mindful stewardship to manage the long-term success of its brand and models. The stage is set for ANTI management to enter the scene. Comprised of top-tier industry professionals, ANTI Management tailors the work to fit the models’ dreams, desires, and skillsets; not the other way around. Instead of being confined within a stifling industry template, ANTI Management trusts in their expert team to make the important decisions that can only be made by those with years of industry experience. We commit to helping our talent reach their full potential with the help of our partners. From agents all over the world, who contribute to, and advance the work we do in America; to health, beauty and fitness professionals, career coaches, acting schools and agents, dance classes; whatever it may be, we are right there beside our talent, cheering them on and promoting them based on their special gifts. Each represented individual brings something new to the table, it is our responsibility to make a career out of what they have to offer in a responsible and respectful way. Our models are part of our family. Our goal is to have the freedom to procure novel opportunities for creative and passionate people to work with our models to push their abilities even further. We believe in careers that stand the test of time and can be everlasting. It is our goal to build an individual strategy for each talent in order to develop a notable presence for each of them in the marketplace. With proper management, including a personalized, optimistic and open-minded attention to each model, a myriad of opportunities exist. This company has evolved as a response to the corporatization of the modeling industry. We uphold the ideal that small business can be forward-thinking, impactful and highly successful. We defend the ethics of inclusiveness, freedom, and fighting for what’s right. ANTI Management works tirelessly for these ideals. Our clients are our models, our models’ well-being fortifies the business, our business is our passion.

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